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The world cup 2010

The world cup 2010 will be held in South Africa this time. 32 teams will participate in the most colorful soccer celebration the world has ever seen.

Soccer fans from all around the world will unite at the summer of 2010 to watch a once in a lifetime event and the forming of a new world cup champion.

The stadiums are still not ready in south Africa and the local police is recruiting more man power due to the high crime rate in South Africa. Officials say it is safe to come to South Africa and enjoy the events and the games.

world cup 2010 stadium

Another dispute surrounds a horn shaped like blowing tool called the vuvuzela. The referees, fifa and the soccer players and managements do not want the Vuvuzela and the Kuduzela (a “Shofar” like blowing tool which is the next best thing) in the soccer stadiums as they claim they interfere the players in the games and ruin the atmosphere of the game.

The fact is that thousands of soccer fans blowing the vuvuzela at the same time is an amazing experience and it makes the stadium more alive.

Tickets to the 2010 world cup are running out. Prices are high for the remaining tickets and you can find some auctions for high priced tickets, auctions by people who are trying to make some money selling world cup tickets for desperate soccer fans.

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The South Africa hotels are fully booked for the dates of the world cup so you better bring a tent or pay more for the fancy hotels. The biggest earner from this world cup 2010 africa is without a doubt South Africa and it doesn’t matter who will actually win the world cup, 2010 will be leverage for the South African economy and for one year, South Africa will be the center of the world.

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