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The annoying Vuvuzela

Watching soccer on the T.V. is kind of relaxation time for me and my friends, this is the reason why we took some free time and watched the Confederations cup lately. Now imagine good game, Television, few beers and good company, until this unbelievable moment when we got to meet the annoying Vuvuzela.

The annoying vuvuzela in South Africa

The annoying vuvuzela in South Africa

Just to have some background, this annoying Vuvuzela is a South African horn, used for some traditional stuff for the people. The new application they have found for this tool, the Vuvuzela, is in the soccer stadiums, to support their team. Unfortanly, the annoying Vuvuzela is not only South African fan’s toolm but also for other countries fan’s which like to use it in the stadium as well. In Rome, you must act as Roman, but should they all horn the Vuvuzela in South Africa? Im not sure, not when most of the stadium visitors believe it’s the most annoying sound ever.

When FIFA’a manager stood on the stage in the middle of the stadium one day of the match’s, the herald asked the people, actually bagged them not to horn, the Vuvuzela, but they did. FIFA’s manager couldn’t talk and this moment was humiliating. Now FiFA is asking the people not to bring the annoying Vuvuzela to the World cup 2010 games in order to try and keep the stadiums free from this annoying sound.

Personally, I do not think it’s a tool of the Satan, like people like to call it, I just think it can ruin the soccer match and annoy the fans. How to keep the ones who likes the Vuvuzela happy? How to give them the freedom to horn in order to support their players? These are some good answers that FIFA will have to answer, otherwise the World Cup 2010 games will be annoying to visit, and annoying to watch on the television, thanks to the annoying Vuvuzela.