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Small size Vuvuzela

Among the thousands of Soccer fans, planning to visit South Africa during the World Cup 2010 games, there is a large number of children. Age scale of the fans starts in about 4 years’ old fans, young kids who support one of the soccer players, and up to the age of 68-70 years old. Since the Soccer experience for the fans is not just for one type of fans, but open to everyone, the small size Vuvuzela is required tool for supporting the teams during the games.

In Germany 2006, we have seen young boys and girls, teenagers, people with families, grandmothers and grandfathers from all around the world. Soccer is not only for mid age males, but for everyone, therefore the soccer fans gear must be according, this is why we can show you the great small size Vuvuzela.

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Small Vuvuzela

Unlike the medium size Vuvuzela and the other horns; the small size Vuvuzela requires small power of blown air in order to produce the Vuvuzela traditional sound. Kids and older can blow the small size Vuvuzela and enjoy the sound of it, without too much effort.