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Medium size Vuvuzela

The medium size Vuvuzela can fit the adult soccer fan which is coming to see the World Cup 2010 games in South African on Summer 2010. This medium size Vuvuzela require medium power of blown air, in order to produce the great noise of the Vuvuzela.

Medium size Vuvuzlea is available now in single color only, but in the near future we will update with more colorful Vuvuzela’s for the thousands of Soccer fans who are coming to South Africa.

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Medium Vuvuzela

The great Vuvuzela is avaiulabe inmore sizes and colors. The second official tool for the World Cup games, the traditional South African Kuduzela is out for sale in the near future. If you are looking for other fans gear to purchase other than the medium size vuvuzela and you havent find it here, please dont hezitate to cxontact us online.