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The new Vuvuzela horn, going to be promoted only to the World Cup 2010 games is the Kuduzela horn.

The Kuduzela is a old fashion horn, designed as the original horn of the South African antelope called Kudu. This antelope which is living in South Africa and is part of the nature life of the country, is well know and a symbol of South Africa. Just like the Kangaroo for Australia, the Kudu horn for South African and the Kuduzela as an official tool for the Soccer fans which are about to visit South African in the 2010 World Cup games.

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The Kuduzela is made from injected plastic into metal molds, the design of the Kuduzela is one thing that stays, but the colors are another thing and it can be very different from one to another.The best Kuduzelas are the ones with the official World Cup colors, but you can find the teams Kuduzela’s and the national flags Kuduzela’s.

If you liked the Vuvuzela and already know where to buy Vuvuzela at your favorite colors, check the website to buy kuduzela. The official Kuduzela is published by the National Bank in South African and the Parks authorities.