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Ban the Vuvuzela

The Vuvuzela is about to become the number #1 fans horn in the upcoming World Cup 2010 South African , no one can deny this fact. The fans love it, the sound of it is so unique that they are blowing it during the whole game and the colorful colors the vuvuzela comes with makes the vuvuzela more attractive than ever.

Therefore we don’t understand how anyone would want to ban the vuvuzela?

no one can ban the vuvuzela

Ever since the Confederations cup, the Vuvuzela has become the talk of the day. The fans of all national teams have found this horn and adopted for their own use in the soccer stadiums. At the moment you cannot see too many Vuvuzela’s in the European soccer games and the sound of it postponed for the World Cup in 2010. Together with the Official Kuduzela, which is another South African blow horn tool, the Vuvuzela has got into the fans’ mind and they all know that in South Africa 2010, the World Cup will be all about the soccer games and the Vuvuzela sound.

There are already many places where you can buy a vuvuzela online and offline; the Chinese factories are manufacturing millions of them to be shipped to South Africa and Worldwide for the soccer fans. The day when you will hear the Vuvuzela in NFL or NBA match is not that  far, also the Cricket fans in Australia are thinking to start blowing the Vuvuzela in the fields.

If you are in favor of wanting to  ban the Vuvuzela or to ban the kuduzela, the best thing to know is that you are in the minority side of this discussion, FIFA tried to ban it, journalists are trying all the time to stop the sound and news are talking about it damaging the game. There are some soccer players as well, talking about banning the Vuvuzela. But the reality is different, the fans love it, they are going to buy it and blow the Vuvuzela during the games. Many fans around the world already know where to buy vuvuzela and where to buy Kuduzela when they are coming to South Africa in summer 2010.

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